Thursday, February 03, 2005

I am currently enrolled in a silk screening class with a friend of mine. Hilarity often ensues. This little gem happened last night:

There is a fellow in my class that seems to be quite taken with my friend, who is a looker though she doesn’t believe it for a moment. We have, my friend and I, been teasing each other about the attentions of said fellow; he pays attention to me, but pays attention to her, if you catch my meaning. She so far hasn’t decided if the fellow is just creepy, is creepy only with her, or is creepy with every one. Last week, when my friend missed class, the fellow was pleasant to me, but not particularly attentive. This proves to me that it is my friend he is, um… perusing.

Last night he was much more attentive. In fact, upon seeing a print that I pulled from my screen, he said (and I quote) “Wow, that’s quite a sexy color blend you’ve got there!”

I think I blinked at him in confusion before putting my print on the shelf. On my way back by, he said “You’re cute when you blush.”

Now, I didn’t even realize I had blushed. But at that point I blushed… a lot. I’m not a looker, and even the Creepy Guy giving me such a complement made me feel kind of warm and squiggly. Silly, I know, as a) he’s after my friend, and b) I'm taken.

Anyway, after class, we went to a Starbucks to get Liquid Brownie (the expensive chocolate stuff).

“Our Biggest Fan was chatty tonight,” my friend says.

“Yeah. In fact, he told me my blend was sexy, and then told me that I blush cute!”

“Oh my god, he must be desperate!” she exclaims, and about a second later she realizes what she's said, and slams her hands over her mouth. "Oh!"

I put on a hurt face, and she starts stammering apologies, thinking she has wounded me to the quick. The look on her face was absolutely priceless.

Of course, I can’t hold the hurt face, and crack up.

“You are going right to on my blog,” I said.

So there.


At February 4, 2005 at 10:32 AM, Blogger LibbytheRed said...

You forgot the part where he called that other random girl "Sweetness". And I was including myself in that statement. And I didn't mean it that way!
*sobs and flees the room*

-Red Out


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