Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bah, Bah, black sheep...

What did I do this weekend? I went to the Southern California Handweavers' Guild show and sale with Kitten and her mother. We had lots and lots of fun. Did I buy anything?

You becha!

Three bags full!

First off, I got four more skeins of rug yarn. This is the stuff that's about 5$ a skein, and a skein weighs about a pound. I made my Not Sophie bag out of this, and it softens wonderfuly in the wash. This year I got some jewel tones to round out my 'pallet' of colors, and one lilac color I tried to put back, but it followed me home anyway. Note that the yardage on these is incredable.

At that same booth I got two watermellon sized cones of felted lopi-type yarn.

Kitten won a raffle prize, and the three of us split the two bags of Cotswold roving(from Seamus the sheep) that she got. I don't know what they washed this stuff in, but it's strongly scented of ... something. Lavender? Maybe... I can't decide.

Here's a picture of Kittens 1/3 of the wool:

At another booth I picked up two skeins of Lima, a slick linen/wool yarn. I think I'm going to try a multidirectional scarf in two colors, a kind of motley thing. We'll see. Here's the skeins rolled together so you can see the colors.

And the most exciting thing? I finaly got some felting needles, care of the Village Spinning and Weaving shop. They always have a thousand things I want, but I was good.

I've wanted to try needle felting for a while, and I can say it's all that I wanted it to be... and more. I couldn't resist trying it out last night, after Kitten's kidlets were asleep. A hour (or two) later, and a puff of Seamus the sheep's wool became a little old man head, complete with locks of white lincon as hair that you cannot see in this picture.

My god... I forsee a lot of needle felting in the future.

Which is good, because I'm on Enforced Knitting Leave.

I was digagnosed with the begining stages of Carpel tunnel. Sucks to be me. But we're taking care of it, and while I can't knit very well in my wrist brace, I can felt.

Updates in a few days, after I see if the pain slows down.


At November 16, 2004 at 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps in a future post, you could briefly explain what needle felting it. I am a novice knitter and I love looking at these knitting blogs. Thanks.

At December 3, 2004 at 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the same show in Torrance and my take looks much the same as yours!! I love the thrift store table the guild puts out. Soo many bargains!!! I just discovered needlefelting. It is soo much fun. I koolaid dyed some natural colored roving and now am ready for anything!!!



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