Thursday, March 31, 2005

Too busy to post

ARG. Blogger ate my post. And it was beautiful and sweet.

Short summary (because i'm too bummed to rewrite the whole thing.)

there's 168 hours in a week.
I use up 140 of them. (Job, sleep, school, homework, ren faire)

This leaves me 4 hours a day to do mundane things, like eating, showering, cleaning, and driving to the things that eat up the rest of the day. I have no time to myself.

I have only knit one thing this month; a mirror to my first Noro multidirectional scarf because the lady who bought it at the charity auction is very, very tall.

Must block scarf. Must mail scarf.

That is all.

I'll post when I do something.

arg, stupid blogger...


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