Friday, September 17, 2004


So, Photobucket, where I store my images, is having a outage, so no photos. And all my photos are broken until they fix the problem, which is likely to be tomorrow. Arg! Oh well.

The NSB I thought was "raspberry" and "almond blossom" isn't. I checked my labels. I bought these about a year ago, so they must be an old set of colors. The colors are actually "claret" and "taupe" ... ok, so that's almost the same. The taupe, however, looks mostly grey next to the claret. Which is fine.

Two young people I know suggested I make a bag to sell at belly dancing events. They say that belly dancers will buy anything, as long as it's brightly colored and jingles. I can do that. I hope to make a bag with those little mirrors on it...

Off to Kitten's house for an evening - and morning, as it's a hour(x) drive to get there. Now, I know, lots of you all out there in Blogland drive much more than an hour to either be with your friends, or to get to the LYS. But out here in LA, an hour(x) drive means an hour, times whatever the traffic is. As I have to go on the 405 freeway, which is the freeway that goes by LAX international airport, and as I have to go at around 4 PM, I figure it will take me about 3 hours.

In LA. In LA traffic. Blech.

But Kitten is worth it.


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