Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A commenter mentioned that they'd like the 'Stupid' button I had made for Wendy. Here it is.
Now, don't steal my bandwidth, but you're welcome to steal the button.

In other news... Um... I'm making a Multi-Directional scarf... kinda. I'm trying out the pattern with the Lorna's laces yarn I got in the GSRP; it was so pretty in the skein, and now it's Clown Barf. (My mate calls it something else, but it's just too off color to mention here... Unless you really want to know, in which case, leave a comment.) I'll have a picture up... Soon?

That's all my crafting news right now... Oh, except that I'm making another bag with the 7161 pattern (see the last post), but this one's for me, and, in the spirit of that, I got to use the machine embroidery machine (redundant much?) on one of the pockets. I soon will have a knitting bag, complete with a cute little squirrel on the pocket! Yey!

I've got a rodent thing. I do, I love them. Mice, rats, squirrels... just about any rodent you can find, I've got a soft spot for it... The 'mouse' as my name makes sense, eh?

Actually, that's not exactly correct. I don't like some of the 'pet' rodents; gerbels, hampsters, and guinea pigs are useless little skinbags, suitable for the one thing they were made for; to be the popcorn of the animal world.

But all the other rodents... yeah, I'm down with them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

No-Show Craft Show...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. And :P to a ceritan person who mocked me for having my birthday mouse up for 10 days.

Last weekend was the craft show I've been working so hard for! I drove down to Long Beach friday night. Took me 3 hours. Ick. But oh well.

Stayed up late Friday with Kitten to finish a hat and get stuff ready. Went to bed at 3 am. Got up at 7 to go to the show. Set up with Kitten and her friend.

We are a bit disgruntled because they've moved our booth. We're now in a corner, next to the men's room, with one side of our L-shaped table butting against the men's room door and blocked by a flower trellis.

But we're happy. Craft sale! I have my hand knits, Kitten has her purses and blankets, and Kitten's friend has these hand made boxes that were wonderful.

Here's me at the table:

Here's me after 2 hours, with no sales:
After 3 hours:
After 4 hours:
After the sale, when nobody bought anything:
Didn't get a single sale. I'm dissipointed. So is kitten. But... I have christmas presents now, I guess...
So... Yey, I have 5 Christmas presents done!
To cheer myself up, I pushed really hard to finish my grandmother's birthday present: a bag made from fabric I bought for her long ago.
This is the finished bag:
And it has pockets!
This is a bag from Simplicity pattern 7161:
Not too hard, but the hardest thing I've ever sewn. I hope she likes it!

Friday, October 08, 2004

It's my birthday!
Sorry. I like birthdays. I am now 27 years old.
Anybody have a clue when I'll start feeling like an adult?
On the craft front... um, nothing to report. Oh, wait. Two years ago I taught some people to spin at a festaval, and last week at the same festaval, they came back with their work. Handspun yarn, woven into a purse. Wow. I felt keen. They have eclipsed their teacher.
Next weekend is the craft fair I'm doing with Kitten. Hopefully I'll have two more hats for the small pile I'm working on...
Happy birthday to me!