Friday, December 17, 2004

Can't Hitchhike anymore

Because all my towels were stolen. All of them. Three loads of towels, phht, gone.

Now I can't Hitchhike. Bummer. I should stand outside a wallmart and hold up a sign that says "Disadvangated knitter, has no towels. Please help and god bless." Guess I have to change my christmas list!

I couldn't stand not knitting anymore. I pulled a pattern of the web, tinkered with it, charted a pattern, and knit up the first of the Heritic Gloves, as i'm calling them. Here's the first one, held together with a pencil:

The recepient has bigger hands than me. Than I? I can never remember that grammar rule.

Here's a close up of the pattern I charted. As I am calling them the Heritic Gloves, you can guess what the symboligy* is there.

What? the back? Sure!

The highlighted floats are where my brain took a vacation and I somehow didn't twist them in. I'm going to tack them down before I seam them up.

And Libs and I went to my first 'stitch and bitch', at Anacapa Fine Yarns, in Ventura. They were very nice, and we chatted. Of course, they thought we were freaks, which I guess we are, but they liked us anyway.

At one point the left half of the table was all L names: Lois, Lucy?, Linda, Lindsey, Libby... It was quite strange.

I'm going to go cast on for the second Heritic Glove. God, it feels good to knit again!

*name the movie and you might get a prize!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Fun fun!

More experimenting with the knitting machine!

That's Lion Brand Magic Stripe in Purple. Self striping sock yarn = quick easy care scarf for children. And that's about 1/4th of the part I did last night in about a half hour.

What else have I been doing? Sewing! I made myself a keen hat:

in about an hour. I love this pattern; super simple, and it looks nice. I'm thinking I'll make some for Christmas, and maybe even to sell to my fellow foaming Harry Potter fans...

I got my serger back from the shop, and I love it. The sample they did for me was perfect, but trying it out at home showed some uneven stitches. The cause? The machine is so heavy, and my work table so flimsy, that the vibration of the stitching was bouncing the machine about an inch on every other stitch. So no wonder it had a problem!

And, in the "what the hell were they thinking" category, we have this license plate I snapped while waiting for the light. I know what I think it says, but what do you think they meant?