Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hey there!

So, I've been evicted. That sucks. I have finals. That sucks. I had to basicaly quit the Ren faire, though I might end up going back if I can get somebody else to spend 2.45$ on gas for me.

So what did I do? Start another project, of course!

It's basicaly a Sophie bag, from MagKnits, but I used some scratchy but feltable yarn from my stash (rug yarn? I dunno what it is. I have a approx 3 lb ball of the stuff... ball's larger than my head.) and whatever needles I have on hand. Yes, gauge is off. No, not enough that it should be a big problem. I'm only kinda following the pattern anyway; the handles are what really make this bag, and I'll be doing that... eventualy.

Currently using my dad's high speed internet. It's a sad, sad day when your parents have a better internet connection than you do. But heck! Maybe in the new place I can get DSL! Yes, this is me looking for a silver lining, why?

Back to work. I've got finals due,



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