Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Well, if you've notices changes.. you're right. Stupid blogger ate my blog, and my template, and all my posts except for the first two. So I have no archives, no previous posts...

Not that I've been updating lately. My sitemeter confirms that no one is reading this blog but me. But that's ok.

Means I can cus.

FUCK! ASS! (in honor of Boondock Saints, a faboo movie)

I have been knitting, however:

I knit a stripy baby hat on Saturday, just a simple rolled brim thing, but the little boy I handed it to liked it. At some point I will make me a long stripy stocking-cap type thing, with a point that trails down my back. Maybe with a little pom pom ... I know that it's pom pon, but I agree with the lady from Stitch 'n Bitch that it makes it sound like a feminine product.

Also from Stitch n' Bitch, I'm making the Punk Rock Backpack, with a monkey on it. ... Yes, this means I'm going to try Intarsia, but... Monkey! How could I resist? I'm doing it in blue, with a brown and cream monkey. My mate thinks I should write "I fling Poo" under it, but... Maybe not. Don't want to encourage the poo-flinging monkeys, do we?

On other crafting news, I have many many ideas for my ceramics class. I may actualy try to throw on the wheel today; i've been avoiding it because i've been too depressed to get filthy. I know, how sad is that?

You can never be to depressed to get dirty!

And i'm a dirty girl.


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