Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm being seduced!

No, not by a man (that happened long ago, thank god!) but by a new craft.

A creeping, money sucking, insidious craft!

Quilting! Be afraid. Be very, very afraid...

How did this happen? you cry. You are a spinner, a dyer, a knitter... a felter, even, but never a quilter! Have you no shame? Haven't you taken up enough of the house with your craft stuff? Don't you already have so many WIPs that you can't remember what everything is?


But.... but... Well, ok, here's the thing. Months and months ago I was helping my friend Red make her wedding dress (ok, i was helping by picking out colors. That's the extent of my sewing skills, really,) and we stopped at some fabric store in the Valley. Like, totally fershure! Anyway, while Red was looking at useful stuff, I was off poking in yarn bins. No, they had piles of Bleeding Aorta (red heart) and nothing else. So, despondent, I pick through the books.

And this book... it… attacked me. Snagged my fingers and vomited it's ideas into my brain.

I never knew quilts could look like this. I mean.. wow.

But I'm not a quilter, and I don't have the money/time/space to become one. AND I can't sew.

So I put it down.


So the thought has been eating my brain. Seeping and pricking and making my fingers itch and my sternum vibrate with want. I want to create quilts like that.

My problem? I can't remember the book title! I thought it was "Stained Glass Quilts," but those look more like this and not like what I was looking at at all! These (and these, and these) were more like it... So I decided that it must have been a watercolor quilt book... but none that I have found have had the kind of... looking through a dark window into a garden look of the ones that are eating my brain.

I'm going insane!

It doesn't help that I just got a sewing machine. Now I want to do it even more.

Somebody stop me before it's too late. Or find me that damn book, one of the two.



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