Thursday, January 08, 2004

Alright. I'm participating in the ThreadyBear knit along, and Matt has come up with so many different colors for us to try!

Here's the colors I'm debating: (in order ) Hedgerow, Jeans, Spice, and Tumbleweed

I like how these colors bring some of the pattern forward, and some of it back. Dimensional! Which should I do?

On other news: I've made some health decisions, and joined Curves. My goal is to drop from a 24 (you didn't know I was a fat mouse, did you?) to a 14. Which, technically, is still 'overweight' for this society, but fuck um. And, while I am changing my eating habits, I don't mind the weight, as long as I'm healthier. I'm geneticaly disposed to getting diabeties, so i have to be careful... I have to be able to keep up with the boy when he's dancing, you know.... Wish me luck.


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