Sunday, December 28, 2003

oh. My. God.

Never, ever, ever meant to go this long. Sheesh. So much for 'blogging more often.'

Anyhoo... Hope everybody had a good (Insert holiday of choice here)! It was lovely here. I went to Vegas and stayed in the Orleans hotel. Lots and lots of fun.

Knitting stuff:

I finished the backpack, way back at the end of the month. Here are the long withheld pictures of it in its unfelted glory.

I just realized I have the wrong disk. Well, here are some of the pictures... Not quite done, but, oh well.

That's with the straps half done, and unfelted obviously.

Here's a picture of my Fuzzy Feet...

Began those long, long ago.

And finally, to close, a picture of the Big Hat, (Link to an old archive page where I talk about the Big Hat and the fuzzy feet) modeled (unknowingly) by the boy, less than half awake.



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