Thursday, July 15, 2004

Finally set up the camera at work. Pictures!
This is the lace I'm working on. It's the seashell lace thing (see last post). 

That's a few repeats, stretched out with the help of a drawer, two needles, one hand, and a post-it note...

Here's my backpack, started long, long ago (more than 2 years...) and finished almost a year ago. yes, it's taken me this long to upload pictures... but, in my defense, Kitten just put the grommets in weekend before last...


After. I've been using it as my primary bag for a while, and other than a bit of hole-growing around the strap, it's been great.

And lastly... what happens when you tell Mouse to be ready to go around 8 am and then don't go until 11? She gets... crafty. This is the "AHHHH! I'm bored! Oh, look, a sewing machine!" bag.

Ok it's photoedited to be the bright neon green instead of the olive that the camera picked up, but it is that color, I swear. And yes, I know the flap hem is ragged; was going to do something else with it, and changed my mind. It has a flat bottom (unlike me,) and a nice inside hem on the lip. At some point I'll figure out how to line it correctly, and then maybe my needles won't poke out the felt....


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