Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I just have to share this with you:

That's Kitten's little girl. Isn't she a darling? Kitten just finished her 'lellow' hat, and she was showing it off.

I don't have kids, and sometimes my clock is ticking hard. That little girl both helps, and hurts; I know Kitten and The Wanker's lives have changed a lot since the kids were born, and they can be a bit loud, but...

Sigh. Anyway.

I'm working on a lace scarf, and it's actually working. Who knew? I got the pattern from Rob's sometimes-weekly newsletter... lets see if I can find it. Ah HA! "Shells on the beach". Bad picture. Simple pattern.

I like it. I'm doing a scarf in the random non-wool (it's cotton + something, I think) yarn that I swatched it in, and then maybe pick a variegated to try it again. Maybe double the pattern width. I can never leave good enough alone. I'm always tinkering....

Also, in the pattern it says just to knit the YOs normally... but i found that made the 'hole' almost disappear. So I'm knitting through the back loop of the YO, and the hole is nice and noticeable. Anybody else every have this problem? Is it a function of the weird way I knit? Hmmm.


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